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For my rough wood objects, I prefereably use the seasoned wood of domestic locust or pine or if neccessary I also like to use ash wood (for bows and chairs). Then, even as I cut the wood in the forest, I decide, what is going to become of the twisted trunk or the sturdy branch. Maybe a piece of furniture, a teahouse or a mushroom-shaped BBQ-house. Rocking Chair of Robinie from Hans-Jürgen Jost

There is an immense amount of creative possibilities contrary to the square standardized mass products of everyday life. The wood shows me the way which I combine harmonically and create ergonomically
(f.e. a chair).

The quality of the product comes down to a symbiosis between the tree, creativity and the manual skills of the rough wood carpenter.

With my objects I try to do entirely without screws and nails. For wood joints I use, like in timber frame work, tenons which I secure with tree nails.

Gladly do I run your commissions.

My new work is the production of Rocking Chair.

Yours sincerely Hans-Jürgen Jost
Ideas Made of Rough Wood
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